Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal

Key Features

  • Built-In Smart Tracking AI Sensor
  • Auto Face Tracking with No App Required
  • Track While Live Streaming in Zoom, Etc.
  • Allows Hands-Free Vlogging/Video Calls
  • Start/Stop Tracking by Hand Gestures
  • Dolly Zoom and More via iOS/Android App
  • 320° Pan, Tilt, and Roll Rotation
  • LED Light with 3 Brightness Levels
  • Portrait and Landscape Modes
  • Compact Ergonomic Folding Design


Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal Description

Hohem iSteady V2 AI Smartphone Gimbal , is a 3-axis smartphone gimbal stabilizer designed to perform automatic face tracking without any app required. Normally, smart tracking is set up in an app by designating what should be tracked. But the iSteady V2 has an AI sensor built into the gimbal itself, right next to the smartphone clamp. Set the gimbal down on the included mini tripod and turn on the AI sensor by pressing a button on the gimbal.

Whenever you’re ready for auto-tracking to begin, just display the appropriate hand gesture to the gimbal. And it will start following you along its three axes as you move about in front of it. This feature is useful for live streaming, video calls, vlogging, and creative and commercial productions. The gimbal will track the face of the person who displayed the hand gesture, even if someone else comes into the shot. When you want it to stop tracking, just show another hand gesture.

Although an iOS/Android app is included for special features such as dolly zoom and time-lapse capture, it is not needed for setting up smart tracking. The benefit of this type of tracking as opposed to app-required tracking is that your phone will be free to use a live streaming app, such as Zoom or Skype, since it will not be occupied by a gimbal app.


Operating Modes

Pan & Tilt Follow Mode

Auto-Inception Mode

Sport Mode

POV All Follow Mode

All Lock Mode

Hohem Pro iOS/Android App
The companion Hohem Pro iOS/Android app additionally offers seven creative features based on preset axis movements. These include Inception Mode (autorotation), Fantastic Rotation, Dolly Zoom, Panoramic Video, Time-Lapse Video, Dynamic, and Lucky Time. When using the app, which links your phone to the gimbal over Bluetooth, you’ll be able to use the onboard gimbal control buttons to start/stop recording.
Up to 9-Hour Battery
The gimbal runs for up to nine hours on the built-in battery (up to four hours when using AI or two hours with AI and the LED light).  This is done by connecting a USB cable from the bidirectional USB Type-C port of the gimbal to your smartphone. Effectively using the gimbal as a power bank for your phone.

Portrait and Landscape Modes

A hand gesture can be used to switch between portrait and landscape modes. Portrait shots are preferable for select social media destinations.
Hohem Artificial Intelligence Chip H2
NPU 0.6T computing power with high performance and low latency.
Dual-Column Cooling System
An ultraquiet, fanless passive dual-column cooling system allows the AI sensor to quickly cool, ensuring long life and high-performance operation.
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