Jmary MT-35 Mini Tripod

Color: black
Tripod section number: 2 sections
Tripod weight: 200g
360° spherical head weight: 110g
Contraction height: 235mm
Working height: 230mm
Minimum working height: 127mm


Jmary MT-35 Mini Tripod Description

Jmary MT-35 Mini Tripod is Versatile and Multi-functional:  Can be installed on your mobile phone, DSLR camera, etc. It can be adjusted in both A and B modes. It can be used in a variety of environments with a retractable and sturdy tripod and 360° spherical head.
2、Retractable Tripod: Two-section retractable tripod for a wider range of applications. The extended connecting shaft is made of
aluminum alloy for durability.
3、360° Spherical Head: The rotatable metal ball head gives you a vertical mode and multi-angle selection for capturing amazing
photos from any angle. Whether you are traveling, shooting a video or shooting a children’s football game, you can meet your
4、Portable and Sturdy: This compact travel tripod is designed to be carried around, and weighs only 200g, designed to meet the
needs of travel and adventure.
5、Multiple Choices: The PTZ uses a 1/4″ universal screw hole for mobile phones, micro-singles, DSLRs, sports cameras, etc.,
allowing you to play more freely.

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