Promate MediaSplit-H2 HDMI Splitter Cable

  • Supreme High-Definition HDMI Splitter
  • HDMI 4K Adapter with UHD Resolution
  • Dual HDMI Ports for Double Monitor Screening
  • 5V/3A USB-C Port for Supplementary Power
  • Highly Durable Cable with Nylon Braiding
  • Compatible with all HDMI-Enabled Displays
  • Ultra-Compact Lightweight Design for Portable Function
  • Super Easy to Use Plug and Play Support
  • Broad Compatibility


Promate MediaSplit-H2 HDMI Splitter Cable  Overview

Promate MediaSplit-H2 HDMI Splitter Cable source to play simultaneously on two HDMI TVs or Monitors to project in high-definition clarity. Supports multiple resolutions up to 4K@60Hz for crisp vibrant video quality. Features Supreme High-Definition HDMI Splitter: The MediaSplit-H2 HDMI splitter cable delivers both ultra-high-definition video and uncompressed audio, for video streaming or gaming. It supports mirroring of a resolution up to 4K, from what is displayed on your laptop. Computer, or PC screen to your HDMI-equipped TV, monitors, or projectors. HDMI 4K Adapter with UHD Resolution: Start streaming the highest resolution videos and shows in sharp and vivid detail.

This high-quality adapter fully supports 4K@60Hz ultra-high-definition mirroring for dual devices. With MediaSplit-H2 you can extend your screen to 2 and enjoy perfect streaming of Movies, videogames, or your PPT during office meetings and have an amazing visual experience. Dual HDMI Ports for Double Monitor Screening: With the MediaSplit-H2 you can get a max resolution of 4K@60Hz refresh rate. Connect your HDMI devices to two monitors with this HDMI splitter and enjoy superbly crisp and vivid details without any loss of quality from the source with four times the number of pixels as Full HD 1080p. 5V/3A USB-C Port for Supplementary Power: This HDMI splitter comes with a 5V/3A USB-C port, that can supply supplementary power to the MediaSplit-H2, thus providing you with Ultra HD 4k clarity constantly. Use the provided cable and enjoy clear HD projections without any reduction in quality.


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