SmallRig Universal Mobile Phone Cage


1. Compatible with most mobile phones

2. Full expandable capacity with multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes and cold shoe mounts

3. Support both horizontal and vertical shooting

4. Cable Tie for tidy shooting

5. Inner silicon pad for scratch-resistant

6. Can be used with a phone case or Magsafe card holder on

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SmallRig Universal Mobile Phone Cage

SmallRig Universal Mobile Phone Cage

  • Smallrig universal mobile phone cage is perfect for vlogging, live streaming, and mobile filmmaking. It works perfectly with most mobile phone models in the market and will be compatible with mobile phones in a width range from 57mm to 90mm, with or without an outer case. It’s a screw tighten instead of the pressure fit, which will provide a more stable clamping effect. It features four cold shoe mounts for a microphone and an LED light. Multiple 1/4 threaded holes can be used to attach a tripod, a top handle or a side handgrip. Two cable ties are attached, which can be used to sort out the messy data cord and microphone cord during shooting. It’s lightweight and easy to hold.

Key Features

  • For Smartphones 2.5 to 3.4″ Wide
  • Multiple 1/4″-20 and Cold Shoe Mounts
  • Spring Loaded Clamp
  • Integrated Rubber Pads

Technical Data

  • Product Dimensions: 220 x 125 x 34mm
  • Package Dimensions: 227x129x39.5mm
  • Net Weight: 211g±5g
  • Package Weight:333g±5g
  • Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless steel, Silicon


1. A universal mobile phone cage for vlogging, live streaming, and mobile filmmaking, compatible with most mobile phones in the market.

2. It features two cold shoe mounts and multiple 1/4 threaded holes to attach accessories like a microphone, an LED light, a tripod, etc.

3. A perfect mobile phone cage for handheld shooting, supports horizontal shooting and vertical shooting as well.

4. It comes with two cable ties for cable organization.

5. Inbuilt rubber pads help absorb shocks and prevent your phone from scratching.


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