Sony PS5 DualSense Edge

Key features:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • USB braided cable
  • 2 Standard caps (attached to the controller)
  • 2 High dome caps
  • 2 Low dome caps
  • 2 Half dome back buttons
  • 2 Lever back buttons
  • Connector housing
  • Carrying case


Sony PS5 DualSense Edge Description

Sony PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller is Built with high performance and personalization in mind, this new PS5 controller invites you to craft your own unique gaming experience so you can play your way.

Perfect Your Gameplay

Find your edge with customizable controls and swappable profiles that can help equip you for anything from pro level tournaments to epic single player adventures.

Ultra-customizable controls

Custom settings make your DualSense Edge wireless controller uniquely yours. Discover some of the controller’s key features via the pulsing icons below:

DualSense wireless controller features built in

Experience all the immersive features of the DualSense wireless controller, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, motion controls and more in supported titles.

Signature comfort and slip-resistant inner grips

Enjoy the same signature comfort of the original DualSense wireless controller, now enhanced with slip-resistant inner grips. Ideal for long sessions in single player games and staying comfortable during intense competitive play.

Compatible with the DualSense charging station

Keep two controllers fully charged – including your DualSense Edge wireless controller – with the quick and easy click-in design of the DualSense charging station, available to buy now.

Keep everything together with the carrying case

Always Keep your DualSense Edge wireless controller and its components together and organized in one spot with an included carrying case. You can even charge the controller via USB connection while it’s stored in the case to make sure you’re always ready for your next play session.

Everything Included:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • USB braided cable
  • 2 Standard Caps
  • 2 High Dome Caps
  • 2 Low Dome Caps
  • 2 Half Dome Back Buttons
  • 2 Lever Back Buttons
  • Connector Housing
  • Carrying Case

User Interface and Profile Switching

What the DualSense Edge lacks in its physical and hardware-based offerings. It almost completely makes up for in its excellent integration with the PS5’s operating system. As well as the way it handles controller response customisation and controller profile management.

Upon syncing the DualSense Edge to your PS5, a whole new layer of notifications and system-level settings will enable, allowing you to quickly and easily alter settings and button assignments on your controller without ever looking down at it.

Key to this are two dedicated function (Fn) buttons below each analog stick on the DualSense Edge controller. Holding either one will bring up a pop-up menu on screen, displaying a number of shortcuts that allow you to do things like adjust the volume and the game/chat audio balance (Fn + the D-Pad), change profiles (Fn + the face buttons), or head directly into the controller customisation menu (Fn + Menu). Once you’re familiar with these shortcuts, you can reduce or turn off the pop-up menu entirely.


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