Promate (ProCombo-8) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Colour Black
Made in China
Brand Promate
Model Procombo 8
Type Keyboard And Mouse
DPI Type Convenient Adjustable DPI
Mouse Type 5-Key Mouse For More Controls
Keyboard Language Arabic English
Modes Auto-Sleep Power Saving
Keyboard Type Full QWERTY Sized Keyboard


 Promate (ProCombo-8) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Ergonomic Sleek 2.4Ghz Full-Size Wireless Keyboard

Promate (ProCombo-8) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo  best price Ksh 3,999.

  • Advanced Wireless Combo
  • No Dropouts, No Delays
  • Plug & Play Portability
  • High Precision Contoured Mouse
  • Low Volume Keys and Silent Buttons

ProCombo-8 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Description

Features Advanced Wireless Combo: Increase your productivity with the wireless full-sized keyboard and a high-precision mouse so that you can work anywhere at any time. Get more done with the sleek ergonomic design of the keyboard and contoured shape of the mouse. Plug and Play Portability: ProCombo-8 features a smart nano receiver which easily fits inside your mouse when it’s not being used. Simply plug it into a USB port and you are ready to go along with all the combo’s features immediately with no drivers needed. High-Precision Contoured Mouse: With stylish design, forward, backward keys and adjustable DPI up to 1600 DPI. This highly precise mouse delivers complete productivity while tracking on any surface using. The advanced optical sensor in a contour-shaped body for maximum comfort. Convenient Adjustable DPI:

Offering three different screens DPIs (800, 1200, 1600) to choose from. You can adjust the sensitivity to match your different screen resolutions. Or you can change it on the fly to match your productive workload.5-Key Mouse for More Controls. The ProCombo-8 mouse has Five Keys on the mouse rather than two controls like a normal mouse. The fourth and fifth key can be used as page forward and backwards and for various other uses while browsing and working on the computer.

Low-Volume Keys and Silent Buttons:  Each use point is balanced more Comfortable, Quieter click, even if you work at night. It will not affect your family’s rest, make you concentrate on your work.


Technical Details

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