Synix 32 inch Digital TV

Key Features

  • Screen sharing without a network via i-Cast
  • Stylish Frameless Design
  • High Definition (HD)
  • 24W Dual Box Speaker
  • Built-in multimedia player
  • A+ Great Original Panel

KSh12,999.00 KSh15,000.00

Synix 32 inch Digital TV

Synix 32 inch Digital TV 32E4M offers a combination of stylish design, advanced features, and high-quality performance, making it a compelling choice for consumers seeking an immersive entertainment experience.

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Screen Sharing without Network via i-Cast

This feature allows users to share their screens without needing a network connection. Moreover, this can be used for sharing content from other devices directly onto the TV screen.

Stylish Frameless Design

The frameless design enhances the aesthetic appeal of the TV, providing a sleek and modern look that can complement various home decor styles.

High Definition (HD) & 24W Dual Box Speaker

With high-definition resolution, viewers can enjoy sharp and clear images with vibrant colors, enhancing their overall viewing experience. Additionally, the TV comes equipped with 24-watt dual box speakers, delivering powerful and immersive sound quality for an enhanced audio experience.

Built-in Multimedia Player

The built-in multimedia player lets users directly access and playback various media files such as videos, music, and photos from external storage devices like USB drives or hard disks.

A+ Great Original Panel

Furthermore, the A+ grade original panel ensures high-quality display performance, providing excellent contrast, brightness, and color accuracy for lifelike images and videos.

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