USAMS 100W 4 Ports GaN Fast Charger


  •  100W high power, fast charge for laptops/tablets/phones.
  •  Support PD/QC and other fast charging protocols.
  • Fast charging 4 devices in sync, convenient & time-saving.
  •  GaN chip, smaller size, quicker charge, safer use.

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USAMS 100W 4 Ports GaN Fast Charger

USAMS 100W 4 Ports GaN Fast Charger

Charge four of your devices at the same time with USAMS 100W 4 Ports GaN Fast Charger UK Plug; compatible with various fast charging protocols, 3C+1A
1. USB-C (any single port 100W Max) Supported protocols: PD3.0/PPS
2. USB-A (single port 60W Max) Supported protocols: QC3.0/QC2.0/SCP/FCP/AFC/APPLE2

Key features

  • 100W High Power
  • Charge 2 Laptops in Sync
  • Dual USB-C+dual USB-A port, 100W super high power, support PD/QC and other fast charging protocols
  • USB-C1/USB-C2 (Single port 100W Max)
  • USB-A1/USB-A2 (Single port 30W)
  • PD3.0/PPS
  • Quickly charge for laptops/tablets/phones at the same time.
  • 4-port independent fast charging = 4pcs single-port fast charger, efficient and space-saving.
  • Using a new type of semiconductor chip-GaN (gallium nitride), the charger has lower heat generation rate and high performance, which is smaller, lighter and faster than traditional chargers.


  • 1. Overcurrent protection
  • 2. Overpower protection
  • 3.Overvoltage protection
  • 4. Short circuit protection
  • 5. Lightning protection
  • 6. Over-temperature protection
  • 7. Flame retardant
  • 8. Anti-interference protection

Safety when charging

USAMS 100W GaN USB Fast Charger has been made with the 3rd generation of new semi-conductor chip that keeps your devices safe when charging. The GaN chip characteristics are low heat generation, high efficiency, more stable performance compared to other chargers, flame retardant protection, anti-interference protection, overcurrent and overpower protection, and lower temperature.

Single-port 100W smart charge

USAMS 100W GaN USB Fast Charger Type C PD Fast Charging Quick Charge 4.0 3.0 Portable Phone Charger For MacBook Laptop Smartphone. Get it at the best price from Gadget Central

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