Awei Y887 Portable Speaker

Bluetooth scheme: Bluetooth 5.3 + EDR (AC6966B)
Supported protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, ACDTP, HSP, HFP
Channel system: dual channel
Bluetooth operating frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz
Horn: passive 66-32, 4Ω 10w*2
SNR: 60dB
Frequency response range: 80Hz-15KHz
Battery capacity: 3,600mAh/3.7V
Play time: 5h
Charging time: 4h
Size: 281 * 123 * 159mm
Battery status: supported
Waterproof rate: IPX5
1+1 TWS connection in series: 2 speakers can be wirelessly connected in series to form a 2.0 sound effect


Awei Y887 Portable Speaker Overview

Awei Y887 Portable Speaker that offers powerful sound and versatile features.

Key Specifications and Features of the Awei Y887

  • Bluetooth Scheme: The speaker uses a Jieli (5.3) Bluetooth chip, ensuring a stable and reliable connection
  • Waterproof: The Awei Y887 has an IPX5 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use and protection against water splashes
  • Speaker Power: The speaker has a power output of 10Wx2, providing a powerful audio experience
  • Battery Capacity: The Awei Y887 has a 3600mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Material: The speaker is made of ABS and fuel injection material, providing durability and resistance to impacts
  • LED Modes: The Awei Y887 features multiple LED modes, adding a visually appealing element to the speaker
  • Dual Channel: The speaker system supports dual channels, enhancing the listening experience
  • Frequency Range: The Awei Y887 has a frequency range of 45Hz-25kHz, ensuring a wide range of audio frequencies
  • Horn: The speaker has a 4Ω horn, which helps deliver clear and powerful sound

The Awei Y887 is a popular choice for those looking for a portable outdoor speaker with powerful sound and versatile features.

Bluetooth chip: Jerry AC6966B
2. Bluetooth version: V5.3
3. Material: ABS + fuel injection material
4. Battery capacity: 3600mAh
5. Speaker power: 10Wx2
6. Bluetooth distance: 10m
7. Support Bluetooth protocol: A2DP/AVRCP/ACDTP/HSP/HFP
8. Audio channel system: two-channel
9. Bluetooth working frequency: 2402MHZ-2480MHZ
10. Frequency response: 80hz-15khz
11. Music time: 5h
12. Charging time: 4h
13. Charging input: Type-C
14. Two machines can be connected in series wirelessly to form a 2.0 Bluetooth speaker effect.


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