Kingjoy VT-850 Camera Tripod

  • Horizontal and vertical shooting
  • compact and easy to carry
  • It can be used as a table tripod.
  • The centre column with gear design with simple operation.
  • Three-way head equipped for flexible shooting.


Kingjoy VT-850 Camera Tripod Description

Kingjoy VT-850 Camera Tripod is quick release plate adopt international standard 1/4″ screw, compatible with SLR, DSLR, DV cameras, panoramic cameras, mobile phones, sports cameras and other devices with 1/4″ screw holes. Makes your trip more enjoyable.

Supports pitch, horizontal and vertical multi-angle shooting. The head has 360° panoramic scale design, and the horizontal knob has a strong locking force. The damping effect is good. It is convenient for you to precise positioning while shooting, which helps you to complete photography smoothly.

Made of premium aluminum alloy and environmental protection ABS. After strict high and low temperature test, pull test, with anodized surface, high strength, good gloss and light weight.

The tripod foldable height is 32.2cm / 12.7in, 3 section, with the central axis and the central axis locking knob. According to shooting height requirements, adjust the height of the axis and the tripod, it easy to operate, makes the finally max working height is 71cm / 28.0in

The use of high-quality spirit level, easy to shoot due to external factors caused by the tripod unstable and thus adjust the length of the leg tube at any time in order to achieve the level of effect, It is better for viewing and composition.

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