OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler


  • 18W High Power
  • Customized Hurricane Radiator
  • Dual Independent Control Chips
  • Intelligent Hall Switch
  • Three-Speed Switch
  • Anti-Condensation Circuit Design


 OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler Overview

The OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler is designed to improve gaming performance by reducing the heat generated during gameplay. It features dual thermoelectric coolers (Dual TECs) with an ultra-high cooling capacity, and it is compatible with most smartphones. The product has an 18W input and military-grade cooling material. It also includes a hall switch that intelligently activates the cooler and a 3-speed switch for adjusting noise and heat dissipation levels.

The cooling fan may enter a protection state if it gets stuck, indicated by a flashing blue light. It is recommended to use a QC 18W protocol-compliant adapter for normal operation, as lower power adapters may reduce the heat dissipation effect or cause insufficient power for the cooler to run. When in use, it’s important not to block the air inlet or jam the fan with foreign objects. Additionally, condensation may occur during operation, but this is considered a normal phenomenon. When not in use, it’s advised to remove the cooler from the mobile phone to avoid prolonged no-load operation, which could cause condensation inside the phone and damage the case. The product is also compatible with the SUPERVOOC 160W Power Adapter


 OnePlus 18W Freezing Phone Cooler Features

Phone heat is a common problem, especially for those who work on phones for a long time or play games. To solve this issue, OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler comes on the market.

18W High Power

With its new custom aerospace-grade dual TEC cooling chip, large heat dissipation area and 18W high power, the OnePlus PCV02 Phone Cooler can efficiently freeze and cool your devices.

Customized Hurricane Radiator

Its heat dissipation aluminum has thermal conductivity up to 200W/mK. And also, the air volume of the system can reach 100L in a minute.

The cooler is made with the high-density motherboard, thermally conductive silicone, TEC cooling chip, aluminum heat sink and high-speed fan to ensure super-fast device cooling.

Dual Independent Control Chips

Its dual independent control chips respectively control the activity of the fan and TEC to ensure good working condition for both.

Intelligent Hall Switch

The hall switch of the OnePlus 18W Phone Cooler activated automatically when the clip opened.

Three-Speed Switch

This cooler has Three-speed switch, so you can switch between ultra-low noise and super heat dissipation. Moderate wind speed, and noise control as your needs.

Anti-Condensation Circuit Design

Its Anti-condensation circuit is protected by waterproof paint, so no need to worry about short-circuit failure.


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