Visico Studio Flash VL 200 PLUS Softbox kit

Product Highlights

  • GN (2 m, ISO100), 1/60 Reflector SF-610 : 55/65/73
  • Digital Display : Yes
  • VISICO adapter : Yes
  • Overheating Warning : Yes


Visico Studio Flash VL 200 PLUS Softbox kit Overview

Visico Studio Flash VL 200 PLUS Softbox kit is a kind of both AC power and DC power available studio flash. It can be used indoor by AC power and outdoor by connected with DC power pack, to meet the demand of location shooting. One light has dual purpose, economical and practical. VLP studio flash has light weight housing, and strong power. the small volume that is smaller than rugby can break out 400Ws big power maximumly. No matter carry, use or store, all very save space. Light-weight and portable, free and relaxed. VLP studio flash housing is made of inflaming retarding nylon material, high temperature resistance and no deformation. Housing surface is made of antistatic environmental protection rubber paint, to protect photographer’s fingers.
VLP studio flash has fashionable streamlined design, concise and easy, full of artistic, improve image of photographic studio.Tuch-button is concise and easy, all function are clear at a glance. Whole control panel looks clean and tidy. LED digital display, east to read output power of flash and modelling lamp. Realize the perfect combination of vision and practical.
Stemless power-control range of five f-stops from full to 1/32(6 stop points). Precision light-output adjustments to an accuracy of 1/10 f-stop.


 Visico Studio Flash VL 200   Specification

Light Fixture
Color Temperature Setting 5600°K±200°K
Recycle Time Full 110V-120V/60Hz : 0.8~2.1s/0.8~2.5s/1.0~3.0s
Full 220V-240V/50Hz : 0.5~1.8s/0.6~2.0s/0.8~2.3s
Flash Duration 1/800th~1/1200th
Power 400w
Dimensions 20x12x12 (without reflector)
Weight 0.9kg
Lamp Power 75W


In The Box

  • VL 200PLUS Softbox kit
  • 2 x VL-200PLUS Flash head
  • 2 x LS-8005 Air cushion Light stand
  • 2 x SB-030 soft box 50*70cm
  • 1 x VC-816TX Transmitter
  • 1 x KB-F Kit Bag

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