Nobel Plus NBV6 2.1CH SoundBar

Key Features

  • Sound output: 600W
  • BT Wireless Subwoofer
  • AUX in, USB Playback
  • LED Display
  • BT Streaming
  • Optical Input
  • 20Wx2 Sound Bar Power Output
  • 80W Subwoofer Power Output
  • 20W/6 Sound Bar Impedance
  • 80W/4 Subwoofer Impedance
  • -10~+35⁰C Working Environment


Nobel Plus NBV6 2.1CH SoundBar

Nobel Plus NBV6 2.1CH SoundBar is one of the best soundbars that is available in the market at a relatively cheaper price while still receiving the best quality sound for your listening needs. The Soundbar comes equipped with a DSP chip offering the best 3D surround effect. The Wiredless subwoofer allows one to strategically place it in a manner that enhances the distribution of sound in an equal manner. The NBV6 Nobel+ SoundBar has an output of 600W P.M.P.O hence delivering quality sound, deep bass and smooth surrounds. Get yours from from Gadget Central at affordable rates today. The key features of the 2.1CH SoundBar & Wired/Wiredless Subwoofer are:


  • Cystal Clear Sound
  • 2.1 CH wireless Subwoofer
  • AUX input and optical input
  • USB input and HDMI ARC
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • LED Indicator
  • Plastic case
  • Digital Amplifier with DSP
  • Remote Controller
  • 1 year pan African Warranty


  1. PMPO 600W Output: This specification indicates the peak music power output, suggesting a system capable of delivering a powerful and dynamic sound performance. The higher the wattage, the more energy the speakers can output for a more impactful audio experience.
  2. 3D Surround Sound: The inclusion of 3D surround sound technology enhances the spatial audio experience, creating a more immersive and lifelike feel. It is designed to make you feel as though you’re surrounded by sound from all directions, adding depth and realism to your audio.
  3. DSP Chip (Digital Signal Processing): The DSP chip is a crucial component that allows for precise and advanced audio signal processing. This technology helps optimize sound quality, tailor audio output, and create a more accurate representation of the intended audio experience.
  4. Powerful Bass: The emphasis on powerful bass suggests that the system includes a dedicated subwoofer to reproduce low-frequency sounds. This adds depth and impact to the audio, particularly during moments of intense action in movies or music with deep bass elements.
  5. Crystal Clear Sound: The mention of crystal clear sound indicates a focus on delivering high-fidelity audio with clear and distinct tones across the entire frequency range. This feature ensures that the nuances of audio, such as dialogue clarity and musical details, are preserved.
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  7. 2.1 Channel System: The 2.1 channel configuration denotes two main speakers for stereo audio (left and right channels) and a dedicated subwoofer for low-frequency reproduction. This setup strikes a balance between simplicity and enhanced audio performance.
  8. Wireless Soundbar: The wireless capability adds convenience to your setup by reducing cable clutter. It also allows for flexible placement of the soundbar within your entertainment space.
  9. Cinematic Experience: The overall combination of features, including 3D surround sound, powerful bass, and crystal clear sound. Is designed to create a cinematic experience. This suggests that the sound system aims to reproduce audio in a way that complements movies and provides. An immersive audio backdrop for a home theater setting.

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